A Place to Savor Flavors of Thailand

NORTHERN reaches of the county have, in recent years, enjoyed a slow but steady flow of restaurants dedicated to satisfying diners’ increasing interest in cuisines beyond our shores. 

Italian restaurants have so long held the affections of American diners that the cuisine has become almost as American as apple pie. And today, Japanese, Indian and Greek dishes are no longer considered exotic. “Mediterranean” style has elbowed into the mix, suggesting healthful preparations of seafood with a twist of lemon, olive oil and, perhaps, zaatar, a spice mixture.

The newest of the conglomerates, and replacing dwindling Chinese restaurants, are pan-Asian restaurants, which offer a sampling of Asia’s greatest hits. Thai Angel’s, however, has a more focused approach, offering the Mount Kisco neighborhood only the “tastes of Thailand.” And pleasing tastes they are. This new restaurant replaced Bert’s Pub & Steak House, which has been gutted and redone with Thai hangings and artifacts and, on the back wall, a veil of water cascading over a lovely bas-relief of a winged Thai goddess. read more


New Thai restaurant strikes a balance

Word of Thai Angels has traveled fast since it opened just over three months ago. The roomy space has been redecorated in tropical green and soothing peach, matching the mango and papaya colors of Thai cuisine. The staff hustles and smiles; we saw them happily serving a table of more than 10, including children, efficiently through the peak weekend dinner hour. Family-friendly and something new? That's a winning suburban combination. read more